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Phishing dating site gearbest com

Phishing dating site gearbest com
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Facebook Security researcher Noam Rotem has discovered a major security breach in the Shenzhen-based e-commerce site Gearbest. They also reported being able to access over 1.

Phishing dating site gearbest com

Members database including name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, IP address, national ID and password information, account passwords. Depending on the countries and information requirements, the data available can give hackers access to online government portals, banking apps, and health insurance records, to name a few.

Such unprotected status has directly exposed those tools for scanning and accessing without further authentication.

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It also says the data leak has been fixed two hours after detection. The full VPNMentor report is on its website. What cybersecurity experts have to say Digital Guardian cloud services security architect Naaman Hart The most shocking thing about this is the complete mistruth that was told to customers of Gearbest.

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While breaches can be seen as almost unavoidable these days, encryption of the data stolen should be a given, especially given the sensitivity of the data Gearbest stored. The data was linked so easily together that a complete profile of someone could be built that exposes the individual to identity fraud.

Phishing dating site gearbest com

It appears that Gearbest failed on two counts of poor configuration. As a global e-commerce provider that ships to over countries and territories, ranks in the top websites in almost 30 percent of said regions, and has subdomains in 18 different languages, Gearbest must adopt a flexible security platform that proactively detects and responds to new threats as they arise.

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Allowing a server to remain misconfigured for a prolonged period of time increases the odds that a malicious actor can phishing dating site gearbest com it and exploit the information therein for their own purposes. Throughout andmisconfigurations have grown in popularity as an attack vector across all industries.

This highlights the reality that organisations are struggling with limited IT resources and, consequently, are susceptible to careless and reckless mistakes like misconfigurations. As such, companies must turn to flexible and cost-effective solutions that can help them to defend against data leakage.

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